Principal Manager Services

To date we manage funds in excess of US$1.7 billion

International Fund Management can:

  • Offer principal management services for fund structures that don’t benefit from the Investment Management Exemption;
  • Act as third party AIFM for funds with specific investment sectors such as private equity, property, and vanilla equity ensuring that reporting obligations to the EU regulators e.g. FCA are met;
  • Provide substance – an infrastructure, staff, systems, reporting disclosure and supervision of delegated activities in relation to the AIFM requirements;
  • Offer oversight and monitoring of the Investment Advisors activities taking into account investment restrictions, liquidity performance, fund performance, LTV if applicable and fund risk rating etc.;
  • Provide investor reporting and drafting of fact sheets;
  • Review investment processes and procedures by undertaking operational due diligence;
  • Monitor promotion of the fund in accordance with distribution advice provided by legal counsel;
  • Undertake site visits to the Advisor to review processes, investment checklists and compliance with AIFM/UCITS regulations and the regulations relating to fund licensing;
  • Review performance with regard to benchmarks and comparison;
  • Ensure adherence to fund documents and agreements;
  • Liaise with administrators, Board, officers and other service providers.

We do not provide portfolio investment advisory services. This role is contracted to independent advisors.

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