Risk Advisory Services

As a result of the implementation of the Alternative Fund Management Directive (AIFMD) boards are reconsidering their approach to risk management and oversight. We believe the outsourcing of such risk management and oversight is the best solution to effectively satisfy the AIFMD.

International Fund Management has an established track record, based on our current Risk and Principal Management clients, of providing Funds’ boards with solutions that ensure AIFMD compliance. Our team has a strong background in fund administration and hold board positions on private equity, property and equity funds.

We offer:

  • Assistance with the establishment of a risk reporting framework;
  • Oversight and monitoring of key risks;
  • Reporting services to boards, committees and risk management reporting officers;
  • Assistance with the compliance of AIFM / UCITS with reporting obligations;
  • Monitoring of compliance with investment limits and policy;
  • Exposures, leverage and concentration risk analysis;
  • Beta stress testing;
  • Market risk analysis (including stress testing);
  • Commitment and notional risk approaches;
  • Liquidity risk analysis;
  • Issuer and counterparty risk analysis;
  • Operational risk analysis;
  • Monitoring responsibilities and escalation procedures

The Company will consider a direct appointment in a risk management and oversight capacity, or we can provide a member of our team to assist the Risk Committee in relation to a specific fund.

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